Aproco provides comprehensive solutions for situations in which reliable electro motors are required. What makes our product range so unique is the fact that we specializes in NEMA motors as well as in standard IEC motors. If you are looking for motors that are suitable for export, to the USA or Canada for example, then we can supply you with 50 or 60Hz electro motors that are UL-listed (Underwriters Laboratories) or CSA-certified (Canadian Standards Association / or cUL). Aproco is a distributor of renowned brands such as Baldor, the best known and most preferred brand in America. Baldor manufactures approximately 60,000 electro motors every week and is often already prescribed by customers. No wonder that thousands of electro motors are being held in stock in Europe. We also supply components and are frequently asked to realize functional adjustments or to supply an entire solution that includes breaks and/or gear boxes, for example. Our product range is extensive and includes IEEEE841/Premium Efficient, as well as wash-down duty, stainless steel and explosion-proof versions.
Our UMEB Elektromotoren factory supplies the necessary IEC flameproof motors and the Obeki factory delivers also PMGs (Generators) next to their wide range of electric (brake) motors. Aproco helps you with special solutions for different highly demanding applications.

We supply the motors that you need, even if that means designing them for you. Our specialization in customized solutions also means that we can manufacture encoders, connectors and/or earthing resistors products to your specification.

Aproco is famous for manufacturing high-quality products for (heavy) industrial and maritime applications. We supply programmable Bei Sensors encoders, encoders with a self-control function, encoders that comply with the SIL standards (Safety Integrity Level) and of course explosion-proof ATEX encoders.
Are you facing a challenge with regard to encoders? Aproco can solve it for you.

Our Proconnect connectors are designed for use in extreme conditions, both indoors and outdoors. Numerous customers operating in virtually all industries rely on us for quality and fast delivery. Aproco will be more than happy to visit you for a clarifying demonstration. This will enable you to see and feel how special our connectors are.

We always manufacture our (star-point) earthing resistors to specification. Aproco manufactures and supplies various types of earthing resistors, among which “wire wound” versions for light applications and stainless steel plates for heavy duty applications. Our resistors are primarily used in AC distribution grids, but they also find their way to generator users, transformer stations and wind turbines.



Pumps, compressors, blowers, conveyor belts, tool machinery, gear boxes, explosion-hazardous environments, packaging machines, valve trains, outdoor and corroding environments, hoisting machines, agricultural machines, petrochemical applications, foundries, paper & pulp production, water treatment, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, mining, mixers, shakers, processing industry, cement production, stone breakers, granule machines, frequency-controlled applications, F&B machines (high-pressure cleaning), maritime applications USCG, on & offshore, drilling rigs, jack-up units, (semi) submersibles, docking systems, dredging vessels, drilling vessels, terminals, cranes, underwater applications / irrigation, aerators, band-sawing, dryers, feeding machines, hoisting equipment, high-pressure machines, sawing machines, hydraulic pumps, punch presses, door openers, air-conditioning, cooling towers, fans, belt drives, tropical climates / outdoor, transfer terminals, testing equipment, spools, glass industry, rolling mills, heavy mixing machines, anchor winches, printing presses, dosing pumps, applications involving corrosive liquids, crushers, extruders, rollers, commercial ovens, medical and laboratory equipment, textile machines, etc.

We have products for every possible application. For detailed information or a fitting offer, please mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Aproco Drive Technology - Electic Motors

We specialise in NEMA and IEC electric motors (NEMA often for export to the USA, 50 and 60 Hz / UL / CSA / AC-DC), special high-precision (SIL3 / PLe) and/or heavy-duty encoders, earthing resistors and industrial connectors. Aproco supplies an extensive range of standard products from stock and manufactures customised products for (heavy) industrial, maritime and special project applications.

If you need to replace an electric motor or need a fast solution for a new project or due to expansion, Aproco is your partner. We can supply you with identical products or equivalent models (Also if you only need one custom motor or generator). The A-brands which we distribute globally complement every possible product range. Aproco is both an advisor and a supplier in the field of electronic drive technology. If you have any questions, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We’ll be glad to help you.


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