Max. 800A / 24KV - 3PV / 3PX

The 3PX and 3PV series are used for heavy-duty applications all over the world. From (heavy) industry to maritime (on & offshore) applications, these versions are sometimes referred to by our customers as idiot-proof, which in view of their virtual indestructibility is actually true.

Protected, particle and watertight metal connectors. Strong, reinforced cast aluminum casing. The supply contacts are fitted in such a way that they cannot be touched (finger-proof=article number with an “N”). The male contacts also feature safe insulation tips. For use in ports, cranes (even with 10 pilot pins!), trains, offshore, mining, heavy industry and other industries.

Umax: 500 V; 3,3 kV; 7,2 kV; 11 kV; 15 kV
IMax: 800A
IP 67 / IK 10
Insulators: single pole or, for example: 3Ph+N+E+2P, maximum 4P+10 Pilot pins
- 30°C / + 60°C + stainless steel fastening elements
Liftable heavy-duty versions and extremely safe: IP2X (finger-proof).
Contacts: silver-plated copper alloy
Fastener: Neoprene

All options are described in the new 3PX / 3PV catalogue. View the digital catalogue here.

The Push Pull system is recommended is the connection needs to be regularly loosened and/or if the connectors are exposed to heavy vibration.

The contacts can be fitted with a micro switch for the transmission of data.

A variety of locks can be fitted in order to prevent the connectors from being used by unauthorized personnel.

The casings can be fitted with a taped passage for the use of fiberglass.

The connectors are fitted standard with 2 pilots. The pilots are shortened, due to which they are the last elements to make contact and the first to lose contact. This prevents the tow components from being disconnected whilst under power. Naturally, all components must be assembled correctly (View the brochure here).

Standards: EN60309-1 / NFC 63300 / Decision no. 88-1056 / IEC 60529

Aproco Drive Technology - Electic Motors

We specialise in NEMA and IEC electric motors (NEMA often for export to the USA, 50 and 60 Hz / UL / CSA / AC-DC), special high-precision (SIL3 / PLe) and/or heavy-duty encoders, earthing resistors and industrial connectors. Aproco supplies an extensive range of standard products from stock and manufactures customised products for (heavy) industrial, maritime and special project applications.

If you need to replace an electric motor or need a fast solution for a new project or due to expansion, Aproco is your partner. We can supply you with identical products or equivalent models (Also if you only need one custom motor or generator). The A-brands which we distribute globally complement every possible product range. Aproco is both an advisor and a supplier in the field of electronic drive technology. If you have any questions, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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