Cooling Tower Motors

Baldor cooling tower motors are uniquely designed as a replacement for existing installations or for use in new applications. Baldor cooling tower motors offer an unprecedented, innovative and highly practical solution, with nothing but advantages.

The advantages of Baldor cooling tower motors:
- The motor is mounted directly to the blower (high-torque, low-speed permanent magnet motor).
- A small motor can now be used instead of traditional larger motors. Less kilowatts immediately means less energy consumption.
- The absence of a gear box leads to less energy consumption.
- Cooling tower motors are waterproof, designed for use in humid air flows.
- More compact and quiet (also less vibration) than traditional versions.
- No gear box, no additional shaft (or belt), no couplings, no shaft protection and no more alignment of components.
- No more risk of contaminated cooling water due to leaking gear boxes.
- Baldor motors can also operate at lower speeds, simply by installing a frequency controller. The result: drastic reduction of energy consumption.
  An example:
  If one or more cooling towers are operational, they no longer need to operate at full capacity.
  Little cooling required: Cooling tower no. 1 operates at 40% instead of 100%, and cooling tower no. 2 is not active (60% savings on cooling tower no. 1 + additional savings)
  Additional cooling required: Cooling tower no. 1 operates at 100% and cooling tower no. 2 operates at 25% (75% savings on cooling tower no. 2 + additional savings on both motors).
- The frequency controller prevents “start-up” peaks on the mains supply.
- Provided with anti-windmilling technology.
- Lower operational temperature, therefore less energy consumption (higher yield) and increased lifespan of the motor.
- Various versions/sizes available.
- Less mechanical components, therefore less risk of defects and/or full breakdown.
- Safer due to the lack of transmission, therefore no more risk of broken shafts.
- Simple and quick replacement of the old configuration (please refer to the brochure).
- MUCH less maintenance required (approx. factor 10, depending on use, and no more gear box maintenance).

You can download the Baldor Adjustable Speed Direct Drive Cooling Tower Motor and Drive Systems brochure via the link provided below. This is also where you can view and compare drawings of an old and a new situation.

Download the Cooling Tower Motor brochure here

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