IEC / 50Hz - 60 Hz

Electro motors & gear boxes, also for export.

Aproco supplies comprehensive range of metric electro motors. The 50 Hz and 60 Hz motors are available from stock and can be configured to a high protection class. They can be fitted with foot mounting, flange mounting or foot/flange mounting. Our stock includes motors with capacities varying from 0.09 kW to 315 kW. The applications for these versions include pumps, blowers, cranes, conveyor belts, heavy machinery and all other IEC frame installations.

IEC frame IE2 IE3 IE4 hoogrendement elektromotoren 50 hz 60 hz

We offer a comprehensive range featuring only the best brands:

  • Baldor - IEC Frames from D63 to D315M
  • Reliance
  • ABB
  • AC-Motoren
    More than 150.000 pieces on stock (up to 315 kW)
    Very competitively priced from 0.09 up to 40.000 kW
    Options: Electrical UL/CSA with certificate, motor mounted frequency converters up to 22 kW, etc.
  • Obeki Electric Motors
    Specialist in custom heavy duty motors, including brake motors
  • UMEB Elektromotoren
    The experts in ATEX / IECEx motors
  • Dodge gear units
  • OEM motors / Specials / customized products and Servo motors

Aproco supplies individual motors as well as complete drive and control systems. From Severe Duty and 575V motors to cooling tower motors and special industry-specific motors. Our Mod Shop enables us to quickly adjust almost every type of motor, and we pride ourselves in being able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


IEC frame motors 50Hz – 60Hz

  • Premium Efficiënt – IE3 / IE4 - IP67
  • ATEX Motors
  • Stainless steel 50Hz motors
  • Brake motors (electromagnetic breaks)
  • All possible versions and configurations
  • IE1 - IE2 - IE3 - Exd - Exd-e - ATEX - IECEx
  • Low, medium and high voltage motors
  • Progressive low-voltage motors
  • Double-speed low-voltage motors (Quadratic torque)
  • Single-phase motors 
  • 2, 4, 6, and 8 pole motors

Aproco also supplies:

Switch cabinets

  • Direct on line starters
  • Star delta starters
  • Auto transformer starters
  • Soft starters
  • Motor mounted frequency converters (up to 22 kW)

All the way:
Frequency controllers


High efficiency / IE3 and IE4

Premium Efficient Super-E motors!

The motors listed with a GREEN catalogue number are suitable for export to the USA. They either comply with or exceed all NEMA Premium Efficiency requirements.

Product Catalogue 501 (Full overview 14.5Mb - Prices not applicable in Europe)

“Super-E-motors” are designed to save energy. These premium efficiency motors are available in fully sealed (force-cooled) and splash-proof versions. All three-phase motors are suitable for frequency control in accordance with the MG1 NEMA standard, section This means that the 230V and 460V motors are capable of withstanding peaks of up to 1600V. These Baldor Premium Efficiency motors are also available in single-phase versions.

The international standards are classified as follows:
IE4 = Super Premium
IE3 = NEMA Premium® MG 1 Table 12-12 12-13 Medium Volt. 0.75 - 375 kW (1 - 500 HP)
IE2 = High - Energy Efficient EPAct MG 1 Table 12-11
IE1 = Standard (not allowed in North America)


Pumps, compressors, blowers, conveyor belts, tool machinery, gear boxes, explosion-hazardous environments, packaging machines, valve trains, outdoor and corroding environments, hoisting machines, agricultural machines, petrochemical applications, foundries, paper & pulp production, water treatment, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, mining, mixers, shakers, processing industry, cement production, stone breakers, granule machines, frequency-controlled applications, F&B machines (high-pressure cleaning), maritime applications, on & offshore, terminals, cranes, underwater applications / irrigation, aerators, band-sawing, dryers, feeding machines, hoisting equipment, high-pressure equipment, sawing machines, hydraulic pumps, punch presses, door openers, air-conditioning, cooling towers, fans, belt drives, tropical climates / outdoor, transfer terminals, testing equipment, spools, anchor winches, printing presses, dosing pumps, applications involving corrosive liquids, crushers, extruders, rollers, commercial ovens, medical and laboratory equipment, textile processing machines, etc.

Our motors are used in/for every conceivable application. Mail us for more details.

* All of our motors are available in 50 Hz versions, so there is always a solution.

View here the general Baldor overview brochure


Components / Revision
Naturally you can also safely rely on us for the revision of your used motors or the replacement of specific components. We recommend that you always use original spare parts.


Customized solutions / Specials
Some customers require specially adjusted motors for future projects, whereas others simply want a motor to fit an old design. We supply functional replacements every day, and we always provide the right solution. Our extensive product range and manufacturing capacity will surprise you.

The export of products is usually subject to specific mandatory requirements. Aproco supplies the right motors in precisely the right sizes and with all of the required international certifications.


UL - CSA - CSAus - Premium Efficient - NRCan – EISA – AS/NZS High Efficiency MEPS – ATEX - IECEx - EX-Zone - CE Compliant - CE Certified - Ex de - Ex d IIC - Ex nA II T3 - Ex d IIC T4 - Metric IEC – IEEE841 - SSE Stainless Steel - IP67 - 50 and 60Hz


Aproco BV: Safe, reliable and practical!

Aproco Drive Technology - Electic Motors

We specialise in NEMA and IEC electric motors (NEMA often for export to the USA, 50 and 60 Hz / UL / CSA / AC-DC), special high-precision (SIL3 / PLe) and/or heavy-duty encoders, earthing resistors and industrial connectors. Aproco supplies an extensive range of standard products from stock and manufactures customised products for (heavy) industrial, maritime and special project applications.

If you need to replace an electric motor or need a fast solution for a new project or due to expansion, Aproco is your partner. We can supply you with identical products or equivalent models (Also if you only need one custom motor or generator). The A-brands which we distribute globally complement every possible product range. Aproco is both an advisor and a supplier in the field of electronic drive technology. If you have any questions, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We’ll be glad to help you.


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