NEMA / 50Hz - 60Hz

Electro motors & gear boxes, also for export and especially for the American market(s).

We offer a comprehensive range featuring only the best brands:

  • Baldor / Reliance Electric
  • US Motors
  • Stirling Electric
  • Dodge
  • Specials / customized solutions / OEM

Aproco supplies individual motors as well as complete drive and control systems. From Severe Duty, brake motors and servo motors to special industry-specific motors. In short: We can supply more models then any company will ever need.

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Functional replacements can be ordered on the basis of the “old” type plate. Our Mod Shop enables us to quickly adjust almost every type of motor, and we pride ourselves in being able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Premium Efficiency
“Super-E-motors” are designed to save energy. These premium efficiency motors are available in fully sealed (force-cooled) and splash-proof versions. All three-phase motors are suitable for frequency control in accordance with the MG1 NEMA standard, section This means that the 230V and 460V motors are capable of withstanding peaks of up to 1600V. These Baldor Premium Efficiency motors are also available in single-phase versions.

Single Phase
We supply the following motors for single-phase applications: 1/12HP up to 15HP in TEFC and ODP versions. Supplied standard with a foot, but also available with C-face foot and C-face footless. From 1/4HP to 5HP these motors are available as Super-E ® Premium Efficient motors for situations in which energy has to be saved.

NEMA elektromotoren 60 hz UL CSA

Smaller capacities
The Baldor range of small-capacity motors is designed for use in low to medium initial torque applications. These motors typically offer high-quality at a very attractive price. The entire line is designed for NEMA 48 and 56 motors, from 1/4HP to 1HP. They are available in both single and triple-phase versions. The most common applications include: Jet pump, heating and cooling, ventilation, air-conditioning, blowers, direct-drive blowers, condensation blowers and standing blowers.

F-2 Mounting
Motors designed for applications with a F-2 mounting are available from stock from 1/2HP to 60HP. These Baldor motors are manufactured both in TEFC and in splash-proof versions, suitable for NEMA frame sizes 56 to 364T. Most capacities fall in insulation class F, with temperature increases in line with class B and a service factor of 1.15.

These motors are available in Standard High Efficiency and Premium Efficiency versions.

Agriculture and Horticulture
These Baldor motors are designed for use in a wide variety of applications in the on farming and greenhouse industry. We supply motors that are suitable for aeration fans, drilling drives, grain mixers, dosage pumps, direct conversion, irrigation drives and crop-drying installations. Available in single and triple-phase, TEFC and ODP (splash-proof) versions. Especially suitable for applications that are difficult to start-up and require additional initial torque. Baldor is the only manufacturer that keeps Repulsion-Start Induction Run motors on stock, from 2HP to 10HP.

View the Paper & Forest brochure here

General applications
The extensive range of Baldor all-round motors is available in splash-proof and TEFC design versions, both single and triple-phase. Motors from 1/12HP to 1500HP are available from stock. The applications for these motors include: Compressors, pumps, blowers, conveyor belts, material handling and machining. Also available from stock are motors designed to directly fit Pre-1952 NEMA frames.

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) motors. Baldor’s HVAC motors feature dynamical balanced rotors for less vibration and more silent operation. The motors vary in capacity between 1/4HP to 100HP and are available for use in heavy industry as well as for use in less demanding commercial applications. Applications include blowers, direct and belt-driven blowers, exhaust fans, heating systems, air conditioners and commercial cooling systems. We also supply specially developed low-energy motors for use in applications with a variable torque.

Frequency controlled
These Baldor motors are wound with 200 C, moisture-resistant ISR (Inverter Spike Resistant) winding wire, which considerably prologues their lifespan. Motors from 1/3 to 1000HP are available from stock. Frequency controlled motors are designed for use in applications that require a wide range (1000:1) and a constant torque. Applications include conveyor belts, pumps, blowers, metal processing, compressors, testing equipment and material processing machinery.

View the RPM AC Motors brochure here.. Compact, up to three frame sizes smaller than traditional NEMA or IEC motors!

Motors for high-pressure cleaning
These single-phase Baldor motors are available in fully encapsulated (force-cooled) and splash-proof versions. Industrial quality with moisture-resistant winding wires capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200º C. The motors are UL and CSA-certified. NEMA versions with frame sizes from 56 to 184 with stand, or NEMA C-face flange with foot.

Two Speed motors
Our two-speed motors are available in fully sealed (force-cooled) and splash-proof versions. Our constant or variable torque motors with single or double winding are available in NEMA versions from 56 to 284T. Applications include ventilators, blowers, pumps, processing machines, hoists and conveyor belts.

Unit Handling
Baldor Unit Handling motors are designed for use in a wide variety of applications, including luggage handling, conveyor belts, packaging equipment, processing machines, hoists, lifts and door openers. Motors from 1/2HP to 10HP (56 to 215T versions) are available from stock, with or without Dodge D-series breaks. The 56 and 140T versions feature an over-dimensioned, top-mounted terminal box, which makes these motors easy to connect. Also available are foot-mounted versions with slits for easy assembly.

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Vector - Gear - Reducers
Our Drive motors are available in fully encapsulated versions, with or without forced cooling. All motors are or can be supplied with a 1024 PPR encoder. Available as 1HP to 500HP NEMA versions from 56C to 5009L. These motors are highly suitable for use in industrial applications in which a nominal torque is required to achieve the required nominal speed from standstill. Applications include testing equipment, material processing/treatment, packaging machines, printing presses and any other application in which exact speeds and positioning are required.

200 & 575 Volt
Some General purpose applications require motors with a 200V supply voltage. The 1HP to 50HP TEFC and 1HP to 100HP ODP versions are available from stock. We also supply an entire range of 575V motors in the following versions: general purpose TEFC or ODP, Wash-down, Severe Duty, IEEE-841, Explosion-proof and "close-coupled pump designs". Naturally, we supply a large choice of mounting options.

Motors developed especially for the automotive industry are available in Standard High Efficiency and Premium Efficiency versions. The Standard High Efficiency motors comply with all GM7EQ requirements for performance and cos phi. The Premium Efficiency motors comply with all GM7EHQ requirements. Available from stock from 1HP to 100HP. These cast-iron Baldor motors comply with the noise level guidelines that are applied in the automotive industry.

Definite Purpose
These motors are designed to comply with an extensive range of market requirements, for example TEFC and ODP two-speed motors and single-phase motors designed to withstand high-pressure cleaning. This line of special motors also includes versions for the wood-processing industry, Pre-1952 NEMA motors and SAE hydraulic pump motors. The extensive range of TEFC and ODP F-2 motors is available from 1HP to 60HP. The Automotive Approved motors have been approved by the major American car manufacturers and are available in cast-iron versions. They all comply with the current noise requirements. A wide range of Design D Oil Field Pump motors, for which a high torque and a high slip are essential, is available from 3HP to 150HP.

Brake motors, Explosion-proof motors, Heavy Duty, Pump motors, Washable motors, etc.
For more applications and versions please refer to the pull down menus or call/mail Aproco.
Aproco offers a full range, including specials/customized products.

Pumps, compressors, blowers, conveyor belts, tool machinery, gear boxes, explosion-hazardous environments, packaging machines, valve trains, outdoor and corroding environments, hoisting machines, agricultural machines, petrochemical applications, foundries, paper & pulp production, water treatment, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, mining, mixers, shakers, processing industry, cement production, stone breakers, granule machines, frequency-controlled applications, F&B machines (high-pressure cleaning), maritime applications, on & offshore, terminals, cranes, underwater applications / irrigation, aerators, band-sawing, dryers, feeding machines, hoisting equipment, high-pressure equipment, sawing machines, hydraulic pumps, punch presses, door openers, air-conditioning, cooling towers, fans, belt drives, tropical climates / outdoor, transfer terminals, testing equipment, spools, anchor winches, printing presses, dosing pumps, applications involving corrosive liquids, crushers, extruders, rollers, commercial ovens, medical and laboratory equipment, textile processing machines, etc.

Our motors are used in/for every conceivable application.

In addition to electro motors, Aproco also supplies:

Switch cabinets
- Direct on line starters
- Star-delta starters
- Auto-transformer starters
- Soft starters
Frequency controllers

UL - CSA - Premium Efficient - USCG - cUL - IEEE – IEC - NEMA – 50 and 60Hz

Aproco BV: Safe, reliable and practical!

Aproco Drive Technology - Electic Motors

We specialise in NEMA and IEC electric motors (NEMA often for export to the USA, 50 and 60 Hz / UL / CSA / AC-DC), special high-precision (SIL3 / PLe) and/or heavy-duty encoders, earthing resistors and industrial connectors. Aproco supplies an extensive range of standard products from stock and manufactures customised products for (heavy) industrial, maritime and special project applications.

If you need to replace an electric motor or need a fast solution for a new project or due to expansion, Aproco is your partner. We can supply you with identical products or equivalent models (Also if you only need one custom motor or generator). The A-brands which we distribute globally complement every possible product range. Aproco is both an advisor and a supplier in the field of electronic drive technology. If you have any questions, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We’ll be glad to help you.


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