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Aproco provides high-quality electrical products focused on motion technology for the (food) industry, machine building, offshore and maritime sector. From IEC and NEMA electric (brake) motors, rotary & incremental encoders to industrial connectors and more. Applicable for all sorts of environments vary from explosion proof to environments with a high standard of hygiene.

Aproco understands the requirements of different industries and is enable to deliver many products from stock or custom made. Aproco is well known for its fast information supply, flexibility, transparent agreements and personal service.

Do you have questions or certain challenges? Please let us help finding the best solution.

Our products

Our current range of products consist of a large variety of electric motors and related products all focused on motion technology and power transmission. Aproco’s products mainly find their way to mechanical engineering, food & beverage, oil & gas and various maritime and industrial applications.

Our brands

Since the company Aproco was established we work with brands that are reliable, flexible and always strive for the most efficient and sustainable solution. This concerns premium worldwide operating brands that matches with international standards. They are always eager to think along and share their ideas with us, partly due to the pleasant collaboration we have with them. Aproco is also a proud official ABB Value Provider.

Our customers

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