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Suitable for a wide range of environments

Our encoders and sensors from Sensata Bei Sensors are known for their high quality and durability. There are suitable for a wide range of environments, also ATEX and UL Hazardous Area Certified. Feel free to contact us about the entire range of position sensors, linear and rotary encoders, potentiometers, draw wires and inclinometers, even with high precision (SIL3 / PLe).

Incremental Rotary Encoder

Incremental encoders are the simplest and most commonly used encoder type. They are very good at feedback for speed control and can also be used for position feedback. When used as position feedback, they need to be re-homed to a reference after a loss of power. They interface to common PLC and PC controllers and are a very robust staple of industrial control.

Absolute Rotary Encoder

Absolute encoders produce a digital word value indicating true position within a full 360⁰ rotation. The maximum practical resolution is approximately 16 bits (1 part in 65,536). Absolute encoders have a more complex installation and for high resolutions, the data is often sent serially with SSI being a common format. Absolutes are very good if power outages or long periods of inactivity are expected.

Hazardous Rotary Encoder

These special classes of products are designed to operate in explosive environments. The various protection methods available are Explosion Proof (Flameproof), Intrinsically Safe, Non-incentive and Non-sparking. Certifications include UL, ATEX and IECEX for use worldwide. Product is available for operation in UL Class I Division 1 and 2, Class II Division 1 and 2, and ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Stainless Rotary Encoder

Harsh environments are common in industrial environments. Chemical exposure, salt spray and washdown are some examples. Several products are available with a stainless steel cover, housing and shaft, to mitigate the effects of exposure to these environments.

Functional Safety Encoder

To minimize or eliminate risk that can occur during normal and weakened operations of machines Sensata has developed a unique range of incremental encoders. This extensive range can be used in the highest industrial safety related applications up to SIL3/PLe, Cat.4. and are as simple to implement as any other standard industrial installation. Stainless steel housings and up to IP69K.

Rotary Encoder Accessories

To help encoders on the job Sensata has a line of encoder installation accessories designed like mounting adapters, cable assemblies, measuring wheels and more.

For use with DRO Linear Encoders

Designed to work with matching DRO’s, these linear encoders use an innovative inductive sensing design where all electronics are sealed to IP67. Model DSG and DMG encoders are designed to be used with DRO’s from other manufacturers. Glass scale linear encoders can be replaced with inductive encoders that are impervious to coolant, oil, dirt and other environmental conditions.

For CNC & PLC Linear Encoders

These incremental linear encoders are designed to interface with the majority of CNC and PLC controls. A variety of output signals, body styles, and reference marks are available.

Shafted Hall Effect Sensors

Shafted Hall effect sensors have an injection-molded body. Their small size makes them easy to incorporate into existing structures. They operate over a wide temperature range and are well sealed against moisture. Analog output types are most common, however, digital outputs (i.e. PWM) are available.

Hollow/Blind Hall Effect Sensors

Hollow shaft Hall effect sensors help reduce the overall installed length. Shafts up to 20mm in diameter can be used and they operate over a range of -30 to +85⁰ C with an IP65 rating. Output is usually analog but either PWM or CANopen options are available.

Draw Wire Sensors

Draw wire sensors offer a simple solution to measure linear speed and position. Utilizing a flexible cable, a spring-loaded spool, and a sensor (an optical encoder with incremental, absolute, analog or potentiometric output), draw wire sensors can precisely measure linear position.

Voice Coil Actuator

Aproco offers a wide variety of Sensata’s linear and rotary Voice Coil Actuators (VCA). These direct-drive, zero backlas, cog-free devices are the ideal solution for controlling precision and high accuracy motion. View more details.

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Since the company Aproco was established we work with brands that are reliable, flexible and always strive for the best sustainable solution. This concerns premium worldwide operating brands that matches with international standards. They are always eager to think along and share their ideas with us, partly due to the pleasant collaboration we have with them. Aproco is also an official ABB Value Provider.


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