IEC Low Voltage Electric Motors

From 0.09 to 2000 kW and efficiency classes up to IE5

Aproco offers a complete range of low voltage motors ensuring the right motor can be found for every need. Available from 0.09 to 2000 kW and efficiency classes up to IE5 in simply robust designs with aluminum and cast iron. From high ambient temperatures to washdown, ATEX and food safe stainless steel. Match your motor with possible drive or encoder. The motors are certified to all the major international classification societies. Many available from stock.  


General performance motors (IE3)

Developed for maximum convenience and easy handling, General performance motors can be used in a wide range of industrial applications. These motors are suitable for OEMs to build into pumps and fans, conveyors, general machinery and many more. Some standard designs are available from stock, while customer and application specific solutions can be manufactured to meet specific needs.


Process performance induction motors (IE3, IE4)

Provide great flexibility for specific solutions and can be individually designed to the exact demands of the application. Wide range of options and accessories available.


Motors for high ambient temperatures

These motors are capable of operating in temperatures of up to 90°C and high humidity. Suitable for applications in the metallurgical or wood and food industries where high temperatures are crucial to many industrial processes. With features such as class H insulation, rustproof stator and rotor, C4 clearance in bearings and stainless steel re-greasing nipples.


IE5 Synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM)

Magnet free synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors combine the advantages of permanent magnet technology together with the simplicity and service-friendliness of an induction platform. Together with a drive, the motor offers new choices for energy efficiency and compactness. With features such as verified IE5 efficiency, lower bearing and winding temperatures and more precise control.


Food safe motors

The food safe stainless steel motors are the preferred models for industries requiring high hygiene and wherever high food safety is essential. They are easy to clean and resistant to rust and corrosion. The IP69 rating provides ultimate protection against high pressure (100 bar) hot water (80°C) sprays at close range. The windings of this motor are fully encapsulated, providing long lifetime in extreme humid conditions.


Permanent magnet motors

The permanent magnet motor range extends the effective nominal speed range of the rugged industry workhorses down to 100 – 850 r/min. The motors can simplify drive systems by effectively eliminating the need of speed reduction devices. They are designed exclusively for frequency converter supply, where they provide high speed accuracy. With features such as totally enclosed IP55 construction and air or liquid cooled.


Motors and generators for explosive atmospheres

We offer a wide range of low and high voltage motors, generators and drives for all protection types, certified according to all major standards.


High dynamic performance motors

The AC induction low inertia motors, High dynamic performance series (HDP) is the solution for several applications where compact dimensions and high dynamics are critical. They have been designed to be used in rough operating conditions and to operate only with a frequency converter.


Water cooled motors

Water cooling is a highly efficient method of transferring heat away from the motor. Cooling efficiency is maintained even at lower speeds, ideal for constant torque applications. Typical water cooled motor applications include thruster and propulsion motors, wind turbine generators, water pumps, printing presses and paper machines.


Low voltage Marine motors

Low voltage marine motors comply with all major classification societies, ship owners, shipyards and manufacturers of ship based products for applications such as fans, pumps and compressors, hydraulic pumps, lifting and cargo systems, offering economical and reliable high performance in heavy duty operation.

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Since the company Aproco was established we work with brands that are reliable, flexible and always strive for the best sustainable solution. This concerns premium worldwide operating brands that matches with international standards. They are always eager to think along and share their ideas with us, partly due to the pleasant collaboration we have with them. Aproco is also an official ABB Value Provider.


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