NEMA Electric Motors

With frame 50/60Hz, mostly for export and US market

Our NEMA electric Baldor motors are available from 0.08 – 1000 hp, single and three phase with frame 50/60 Hz and mostly used for export and US markets. From general purpose, severe duty, washdown to ATEX motors. Functional replacements for old (Baldor) motors can be find based on the name tag. CSA/UL/cUL certifications if possible upon request.

General Purpose

The Baldor General Purpose motors are available from industrial steel band open designs to harsh applications requiring totally enclosed cast iron designs in both single and three phase. General Purpose motors can be used in many applications.

Severe Duty

The Baldor Severe Duty motors are designed to provide exceptional performance and long life in harsh industrial processing applications. These premium construction motors include features designed to protect against contamination, moisture and vibration.

Washdown Duty

The new and improved Baldor Washdown Duty motors have an improved paint system, Baldor’s Inverter Spike Resistant insulation system, Class F insulation with Class B (or lower) temperature rise, Mobil Polyrex® EM grease, customer-friendly drain plugs, and shaft seals.

Explosion Proof

The Baldor-Reliance explosion-proof motors are designed to deliver high performance, efficiency and reliability without compromising safety throughout their entire life cycle.


The Baldor-Reliance pump motors have energy efficient designs and meet NEMA Premium® efficiency. Motor construction can be tailored for specific applications and industries such as food processing, washdown applications or explosion proof enclosures.


These motors are designed for use in the harshest HVAC applications and are available with integrated internal shaft grounding systems. Motors for Chiller/Cooling Towers, Condenser and fan applications. Also building custom versions of any stock motor for any specialized HVAC application.

Farm Duty

Offering a full line of single and three phase Farm Duty motors for use in a wide variety of agricultural and industrial applications. We also have the capability of building custom designs for any specialized application you may have.

Definite Purpose

These motors covers many applications and industries. This family includes three phase Two speed, Single phase Pressure Washer, Arbor Saw, Woodworking, Pre-1952 NEMA, U-Frame, Automotive Duty, Aluminum, TENV, 42C frame and Synchronous Permanent Magnet motors.

Unit Handling

Baldor-Reliance has four unique solutions for unit handling applications: Motor only, High Cycle Brake motors, D-Series Brake motors, and Short Series Brake motors. These motors are avaialble in stock ratings ranging from 1/2 HP thru 10 HP (56 thru 215 frames).

Custom AC Motors

We know when you specify a product for one of your projects, you demand dependability. And you should expect nothing less. Baldor is committed to dependability in design, manufacturing, testing, quick-delivery solutions, and product applications.

Baldor designs and manufactures products to fit specific customer applications. We are always ready to tackle even the most challenging applications. Whether that means designing a product for your specific application, accessing technical data or how you place your order, we make it easy to do business with us.

Our brands

Since the company Aproco was established we work with brands that are reliable, flexible and always strive for the best sustainable solution. This concerns premium worldwide operating brands that matches with international standards. They are always eager to think along and share their ideas with us, partly due to the pleasant collaboration we have with them. Aproco is also an official ABB Value Provider.


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