Industrial connectors

Heavy duty for operate in extreme conditions

Our electrical extensive connectors are known for their robustness and withstand the toughest conditions. Applicable for port cranes, ship to shore, food processing industry, railway and many more. All available in different electrical and mechanical characteristics.

3PV / 3PX Metal connectors 200 A – 800 A

Strong conception ranges, used in heavy industry with a screw ring or a push pull system both have IP67 watertightness. Corrosion proof casings and stainless steel fastenings.

3PS Combined switched-conductor 16 A – 250 A

The 3PS range is fitted with a built-in AC23 power breaker in both the wall version and the extension version which permits it to be disconnected from the power supply on load without damage to the appliance.

3PV5 MV / 3PX6 MV Connectors for medium voltage application < 15KV

The 3PV MV and 3PX MV connectors mainly find their applications in harbor and open sites mines.

3PL / 3PSS Control command 10 A – 25 A

The 3PL multipin connectors range (37 contacts) are very compact, watertight and can be used for various applications. The 3PSS can be used for any industrial application thanks to its plug seal and self-closing lid on the socket.

3PU / 3PXU Single pole connectors < 800 A

The 3PU/3PXU connectors allows the connection of big SINGLE POLE cables (max 300 mm²) and can be used in all industries needing high power like ship to shore, railway and test benches.

3PV / 3PS / 3PX Multipin connectors

Multipin connectors find their applications in spreaders supply for port cranes, and different fabrication engines like machine tools.

Charging connectors for electric vehicle

Connectors for all of standard battery connections (DC) which exists on the market. They are used for forklift supply and all kind of wheel drive battery electric vehicle.

Our brands

Since the company Aproco was established we work with brands that are reliable, flexible and always strive for the best sustainable solution. This concerns premium worldwide operating brands that matches with international standards. They are always eager to think along and share their ideas with us, partly due to the pleasant collaboration we have with them. Aproco is also an official ABB Value Provider.


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